Caring For Your Natural Lashes

Eyelashes, just like normal hair on your scalp, can dry up and become brittle if not properly cared for.

Thus leading to breakage and eventually, your lashes become weak and start to fall off.


Lash Care Routines

  • When wearing makeup, Simply washing your face isn't enough, since most eye-makeup is waterproof
  • Quick and easy, Take a cotton ball and an eye make up remover, gently rub on to your lash area.  
  • If your looking for a more organic approach, you can always try Olive oil
  • Remember...Remember use a different cotton balls per eye area to lessen the risk of spreading impurities.

Brushing Them Out

  • Not using mascara? Still want your lashes to look long and lushful, brushing them daily Would help. 
  • Do so by brushing your lashes with a clean/disposable and soft bristle mascara wand.
  • Be careful not to brush too harshly or for too long of a time as this could cause your lashes to fall out.


  • Apply castor oil, coconut oil or petroleum jelly to your eye lashes before going to bed
  • Rinse in the morning with your normal face washing routine

Rubbing Your Eyes

  • Besides the possibility of accidentally push in unwanted dirt into your eyes causing an eye infection.
  • Rubbing your eyes could cause damage to your sensitive lash area.

Just a few helpful hints on caring for your natural lashes XOXO