What's telling your story?!?!

All women love makeup!! It takes your soul to another realm, it's a confidence booster and it just makes you feel good. Head-turning, stares, compliments, even free drinks at the bar. Now, let's just think for a minute. What's the first thing, you actually see, when you take a look a someone. I'll wait....still thinking.... You got it! Their eyes!


Brows slayed...eye shadow poppin'...OH... hold up...we can not forget our wings and the 3-minute pose session in the mirror. (Sorry... it has to be done... Makeup is not complete without the wing or your posing session...You have to have both.)


So when that's done, what's next??? YES, your lashes!!! Lashes...Lashes...Lashes.... a must have!!! Your eyes speak, they speak of your hurts, your joys, even your past, present, and future. NOW LADIES!!! Ordinary lashes should not help tell your story!!!


Belle of the Ball Mink Lashes should speak for you!  Belle of the Ball carries both Silk Mink Lashes and 100% Siberian Mink Lashes. LIFE CHANGING!!!! IMMEDIATE EYE LIFT!!! LIKE MAGIC... Each hair is placed in individual directions, giving life and adding excitement, to your story. Mink fur has a natural luster and shine giving the appearance of real eyelashes. Adding to the luxury, the Lash band is made out of cotton. Hypoallergenic, lightweight, and feather-like. Making your Lashes a breeze to wear. Might  I add...WITH PROPER CARE, LASHES CAN BE WORN UP TO 25 TIMES...25 TIMES!!! AMAZING AND SO WORTH IT!!!


Did I forget to mention Minks are not harmed, Mink lashes are totally cruelty-free!!! The Mink Fur has been collected from zoo's during the Minks natural shedding season and thoroughly sterilized. Hypoallergenic, free from chemical processing and dyes. BREATHTAKING!!!


Below I've listed a couple of informational links regarding frequently asked questions and care instructions related Belle of the Ball Mink lashes

Your Mink FAQ's

Do's and Don'ts

Caring For your Mink Lashes